Health: Mental health problem in Nigeria


According to the world health organization (2019), Nigeria has a mental health problem, 1 out of every 4 Nigerian suffers one mental health challenge or another.
Don’t be scared.

1 out of every 4 or most precisely 30% of Nigerian suffer mental health challenges. That’s quite a great number you would agree with me. But nobody is doing anything about it.
When you hear the word mental health, the first thing that comes to your mind probably is some insane folk, with tattered clothes walking down the road of Ilesha, all the way to Akure city, you know exactly what I am talking about. The obvious one lasma pick up on Lagos streets. Right?
But mental health challenge is far less and seriously more than that. Mental disorder can be defined as “A wide range of conditions that affect mood, thinking and behavior, ranging from anger, anxiety and panic attack, to bipolar disorder, hearing voices and the list goes.

Depression is a very common type of mental health challenge suffered in this part of the world usually among the age group 18-25.
A higher percent of mentally challenged people (about 50%) are between the ages of 15-30. Most of these health issues are triggered by emotional imbalance from heartbreaks and broken relationships, (you should be able to relate if you’ve seen the movie acrimony), from peer pressure, from drugs, fear the of unknown, from everyday stress, and frustration from not understanding purpose, finding life and its essence.
Examples are recently seen cases in our everyday news; news of inhumane activities pioneered by the wrong state of mind and head, suicide, like murder because of anger, rape, killing of one’s child because of depression and rejection, e. t. c
Taking care of one’s mental health is as much important as we do our physical bodies.

How to help manage or control the increasing rate of mental health challenged people in Nigeria.

Understand you are not in this alone.
The rejection of knowing you have a problem is enough to worsen it already. A lot of people have the same anxiety, insecurities, and confusion as you do.

Get help!
It’s a common myth, passed down to generations that black people don’t do therapy.
No wonder! No wonder black people are into drugs to calm their nerves from stress and worry.
Please, Do get some help when you feel you need an emotional or psychological help or guide. Bottling up these things can result to unforeseen harm.
It’s not a sin to be imperfect, don’t be afraid and don’t be ashamed!
Talk to family, talk to friends and get a therapist if need be.

Helping a friend in need would do.
When people open up to you, don’t jump into conclusion, Ask them questions, listen, listen again, understand them, and show them empathy that’s what they need. Do not judge.

A sound mind is more productive. Seeing happy faces is one thing we want.
Thank you for reading through. We hope you’ve learnt something. Please, do leave a comment, let’s know your thoughts. Share with your friends and family. Thanks.


Idowu David

Architect | Storyteller | poet | Mental health advocate. And a Lover of all people.

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  1. Thank you for sharing with us such an amazing post in time like this when things seem tough. Thank you!!

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