Health: How your Mood helps you Lose weight


How are you today?
I hope you are striving to become a better version of yourself?

Many people really want to lose weight but the more they try, the more their efforts look fruitless.

I am really tempted to write on how to lose weight using some workout, the right diet, and all.
But nope, it isn’t the starting point.
You will soon read what I meant by that.

The world we live in today compels us to believe that having a slimmer body would earn us respect and admiration, happiness, and confidence.
Hell no!!

I know many don’t want to be criticized for having an extra pounds of flesh.

However, Happiness, Confidence, and Strength are not in Losing or even adding weight.

My Dear, Why do you want to lose weight?

If you want to lose weight, lose it with the right mindset and purpose.

Don’t lose weight because your friends want it.
Don’t lose weight because it is trendy.
Don’t lose weight because you want to compete with someone.

Lose your weight because you want to.
If you are comfortable in your body, please let it be.
Except the extra pound of flesh will cause you discomfort, pain, or lead to disease.

That said, How can your mood help you lose weight?
It is discovered that our mood has a great impact on our weight.
When you are experiencing the following moods, there is a tendency you will eat more:
•Feelings of Depression
•Low Self Esteem
•Heart Breaks

If you really wanna lose weight, you’ve got to have the right, positive, and upbeat mood.
You have to be motivated.
Get yourself motivated, intentionally.

My Dear, you are in control of your MOOD.

Rather than complaining and grumbling over how overweight you are, smile 😊 😁 and tell yourself this, ‘I can do this. I’m almost there. I can lose this extra weight. I am a work in progress. Yes, I can’.

Yes, you can.

When you have the right mood and attitude, losing weight becomes easy.

The better the mood, the faster every other losing weight regimen works.

You can watch movies, listen to music, and surrounds yourself with those that support your goals.

Boom, Boom, Boom, You are on your way to losing an extra pound.

Remember, rather than focusing on weight loss, focus on wellness.
And don’t push yourself too hard.

I love you and I care about your health too.
Your views are always welcome because we want to serve you better.

Have a wonderful day.
And Take care.
Don’t forget to share, a friend might need this.

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