Health; Haemorrhoids (piles), causes, symptoms, and treatments.


We are here again, talking about common but embarrassing symptoms of diseases often experienced by more than half the population of the world, haemorrhoids otherwise called pile. It is usually self diagnosed.

One out of two persons would have heamorrhoid in their lifetime.
It can be embarrassing talking to a doctor about these things. And that’s why we are here.

Pile is a collection of swollen tissue filled with blood located around the anus. The pile could get serious and become a lifetime chronic disease. The most diagnostics earliest symptoms of hemorrhoids are the noticing of blood in stools or on tissue and noticing of lumps in the anus. Depending on the type of haemorrhoids.
There are two basic types of haemorrhoids

External heamorrhoids are found right under the anus, they can be seen and felt and the symptoms are the visible lumps, itching, and bleeding.

Internal heamorrhoids. As literarily implied, Is the type formed within the rectum. Unlike external piles, they lumps cannot be seen externally and therefore more difficult to diagnose lumps treat as the symptom is bleeding seen while stooling.

There are 4 stages of heamorrhoid, according to the release of the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons (published 1985) and cited by Winston(2011)

Generally in this stage, the main symptom is bleeding while exceeding.

Stage 2
symptoms include bleeding accompanied by mild discomfort around the anus, and pain which may cause difficulty in sitting.

Stage 3
Bleeding continues with itching, pain, and discomfort in the anus with occasional bulging out of the rectum.

Stage 4
Bleeding, permanent bulging out of the rectum, severe Pain, and at this stage, medical attention is needed which may be only treated by surgery.

Causes of haemorrhoid

-Consistent Standing or sitting too much
-Sitting for too long
-The effect of aging
-Being obese
-Straining or excessive rubbing after stooling
-Carrying heavyweights.
-As a result of chronic diarrhea.
-Poor fibre dieting

Heamorrhoid treatment

Home remedies
Local home treatment have proven to work for mild piles that are diagnosed early
These treatments include;
Tub or sitz bath
This entails the person sitting on warm water for about 10 minutes several times a day. This is to ease the pain, and also to return back to normal the protruding rectum as a result of the piles,
This is effective for external haemorrhoid only.

Proper dieting
Eating more of fibre containing food.

Medical treatments

The use of medications such as Stool softeners, ointments and pain killers can be used to ease the pain.

Rubber band ligation.
This method is the most widely adopted method of treatment used in the first three stages of heamorrhoid, this procedure entails the placement of rubber band around the base of the haemorrhouds inside the rectum so as to stop blood flow into the haemorrhoids,making it wither and dry off.

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Infrared Coagulation
This is a special device used to burn haemorrhoidal tissue.

Surgical treatment.
In cases of severe internal pile, surgery might be performed.

Please drop your thoughts on the cause of piles as there are cultural and traditional misconceptions.


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