Health: 7 Food That Can Elevate Your Mood


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The food you eat has a great impact on your health, but it also influences your mood too.
Certainly, there is a great link between the food you eat and your mood.
Was there a time you feel down, tired, or weary?
Or was there a time you feel emotionally worn out or even depressed?
What do you do at that moment?
Or what do you eat at that moment?
Do you resolve into eating junk or form an eating habit that is dangerous to your health?

Research has proven that there is a relationship between your nutrition and your mood or your mental status.
Also, it has been proven that many tend to eat more and start gaining weight when they are emotionally down.
Are you battling with this too?
Not to worry, I’m here to help.

There are other factors that can have effects on your mood, such as, the environment, Stress, Genetics, Insomnia, Nutritional Deficiencies, Diseases, etc.
But the effects of food on our mood can never be overemphasized.
Before I share with you examples of the food that can help you Elevate your moods, you must note that your brain is always on the motion, and constantly working. In order to keep it healthy and for it to work effectively, we must fuel it with the right food.

Here are seven foods that may Elevate your moods

  1. FISH
    Fish plays a major role in elevating our moods. They elevate the moods from feelings of depression and tiredness to a feeling of Brightness.
    Examples are; Mackerel, Sardines.
    They also help to alleviate anxiety.
    Mine, mine!!! I can testify that vegetables are very important in mood-elevating.
    Always incorporate those green leaves in your diet.
    I usually tell people I’m obsessed with fruits. Why wouldn’t I?
    I know the importance of fruits especially Bananas. Apart from their impacts on the overall health, they also have great effects on your moods.
  4. BEANS
    Beans are rich in Magnesium, which is a mineral that keeps the human brain relaxed and calm.
  5. NUTS; Cashew nuts, peanuts, groundnuts, name any nuts you know and I’ll tell you they are good agents of elevating the mood.
  6. OATS; Oats keeps you in good spirits all day long. They increase your energy levels.
    Any berries you opt for are good stress-inducing agents and mood-elevating agents. They are also high in Vitamin C.

In conclusion, I’d like to highlight some foods and beverages that can dampen your mood.

~Alcohol; If you want to elevate your mood, don’t try alcohol. It dampens the mood.
~ Caffeine; Tea is a better option.
~ Pasta

Note: Though the food listed above might have their importance (except Alcohol), they are not a great choice when you are feeling emotionally down and trying to elevate your moods.

Always fuel your body and brain with the right food.
Anytime you feel stressed and emotionally weary, go for the right food.
I hope this has been helpful.

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