Forgiveness: A Key Factor In Relationships


Hey guys, welcome to another episode of relationship talk on naija interest, we must commend you for reading and giving your views.
Today, we will be talking about forgiveness in relationships. Last time, we spoke about knowing the purpose of relationships in order to avoid abuse, this will really help on how to handle matters as partners.
It would have been nice if I could just tell you how to avoid conflicts in your relationship, but it’s not possible because it’s something that must happen hence, I decide to talk about how it can be handled such that there is a healthy relationship.
Forgiveness is actually a common word we are used to hearing, but what about what it really means and its application at the same time. Forgiveness according to psychologists means a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance towards someone whether he or she deserves it or not. Forgiveness is a decision that can only be made by the strong because the weak can never forgive. And it all boils down to knowing what God says about it and thereby seeking for grace to do the needful.
It might be stereotypical or true, women are known for remembering everything and quoting often their partners but then, while their anger is usually justified, holding onto it forever is not it. If not for any reason, remember you will need forgiveness someday after all, no one is perfect.
Although, that should not be the only reason to forgive, in fact it’s not a good one but for the sake of the love you both share, for peace to reign and most importantly, it makes your relationship a healthy one.
You must therefore learn how to forgive your partner and save your relationship from the burden of perpetual conflicts. May I tell you that a happy relationship is not a gift but an effort of two parties of which one out of many is forgiveness.
An average person knows that forgiveness is a great idea, I mean an important thing to do but how many people have been able to actualize it so far. I’m sure you are thinking of great offences but little things count more than the ambiguous ones we can think about. Although the ambiguous ones matter, of course, it is noticeable but what about the little deeds that annoys us which we keep on nursing, this you won’t notice until it explodes then you start making references.
It is also pertinent for partners to talk about those little matters that annoys them but seems not to count or seems too small to talk about. Through this, they can sort it and make amends rather than giving attitudes or nursing the pain which you won’t be able to hold for too long and thereby reacting for no serious reason.
Either the offence is huge or little, forgiveness is what we decide to do intentionally and not expecting our feelings to fade off just like magic, it doesn’t work like that. It does not matter if you think he or she deserves it or not, feeling that way will also make it difficult to do.
As I round up, don’t do to your partner what will hurt you and do well to open up when you are hurt no matter how small, just be polite about it and don’t be aggressive. You should also learn from everything that happens, check yourself if you are responsible for your partner’s annoying act and make amends if necessary. Also ensure that every issue is resolved and don’t nurse any grudge.
I see God helping you and wish you the very best in your relationship.
we must also appreciate you for your time and we urge you to share with your friends and also make use of the comment section by sharing your thoughts. See you next time.


8 thoughts on “Forgiveness: A Key Factor In Relationships

  1. Indeed, it is very important in every relationship. I think I’ve fallen in love with this site. Thank you for your evergreen posts.

  2. Indeed forgiveness is the best and appropriate thing for a relationship to Last long.
    Thank you for this beautiful write up.

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