Five Common Factors Responsible For Breakups


Breakups can sometimes break the individuals who have broken up. While it takes weeks, months, or years before some of its victims recover, some don’t recover at all. A breakup could change the identity of an individual. And you wonder if such a person is the same person you used to know from time. Breakups can be a result of many circumstances. We’ll be discussing only five common factors responsible for breakups which are:

The Relationship was Based on Obsession Rather Than Love

Many of the relationships today are more of obsession – and this exists even among married people. They mistake obsession for love and live their days thinking and imagining things. It is one thing to see an individual as good-looking, and entirely another thing to love such a person. Until many understand this, they’ll not stop breaking up and breaking people’s hearts.
Today, many people, especially the men, go about confessing their love to every beautiful lady they come in contact with. Just in the same manner, some ladies keep loitering around handsome guys because they are cute. They believe in the power of sight and not of the mind.

Obsession can also set in when two people keep seeing each other often. They start taming a feeling for each other thinking they are in love.
Obsession has caused many breakups. This is because their eyes have finally opened to behold the truth that it did not love all along. It had been something different. Sometimes, it is assumed that the love between them grew cold. The fact remains that there was nothing like the love between them.

The Relationship was Built on Falsehood

What if I told you some people go into relationships just to build their reputations. And sometimes to fulfil a promise they have made to friends? This is also a common thing today, and many people’s hearts end up being toyed with.
Meanwhile, some others go into relationships to avenge their friends or family. They make it look real and with their professionalism. This makes the person fall in love with them and once that happens, they are on the run. They remind him or her of what he or she did to their family/friend.
Many others deceive people into a relationship just to have a taste of them. They patiently wait till the day when it happens and then strike. They create something that would make them separate from their victim.
These are some of the things happening in our world today.

One of the parties cannot Condone the Other Party’s character(s)

If a party cannot stand the other party and decides to break up, then it is okay. However, the party must have tried to change the other party before deciding to have a breakup if truly the love exists between them.
But in a scenario where the other party is not ready to change, it is advisable for the party to bow out honourably. It could be dangerous if such a relationship leads to marriage.

Pressure From the Parents

Some parents today are responsible for their children’s breakup. They keep putting pressure on them and fail to agree to their relationships because the individual they have brought home is not up to their taste. This could be in terms of ethnicity, affluence/status, appearance, etc.
This sometimes could be very dangerous, as children are forced to get married to people who they don’t love. Such marriages are full of chaos and sadness. Such parents do not also get to have peace because the spouse would always call or visit to report the child.

Lack of Communication

This is the last but certainly not the least on my list.

Lack of communication is responsible for many breakups. When I say lack of communication, it is not only limited to calls, physical appointment, and the rest. The aptitude to properly communicate to avoid misunderstanding is one thing couples and intending couples should learn.
Both parties should be open to each other, be able to explain whatever issue that is about to create a misunderstanding, and they should be willing to give listening ears not to presume what is not. Many relationships have been destroyed and weakened due to the absence of good communication.
On most occasions, it is just a misunderstanding as the word portrays. If only the two of them would sit down and understand the issue, then maybe everything would have been resolved a long time ago.

These are five common factors responsible for breakups. Feel free to contribute, using the comment box.


Ayano Praise, CEO and Admin of Naija Interest. He is into story writing, relationship talks, motivational/inspirational and lot more.

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  1. Nice one. Got it right. Many people go into marriage with a wrong view and because they cannot control their thoughts and allow God to guide them. the joy of marriage becomes elusive. Really, it is always better to seek God’s face before you dabble into marriage.

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