Do You Truly Love Her? 7 Things to Let Her Feel Loved


As an average guy in our world today you may always and continuously be asked by your girlfriend/fiancée if you truly love her. This question is becoming popular and many guys are taking it is as something common. The fact is that a lady would not keep asking you if you truly love her if she is not feeling insecure — she has no reason to on a normal ground. When your woman starts doubting you, or maybe she is scared by something you are not even aware of, she might start asking you this doubtable question.

Below are 7 things you can do to make her know you truly love her

  1. Let Her Have a Sense of Belonging

When you make your woman feel like she belongs, she tends to love you the more. Not only this, the issue of insecurity becomes a farewell song.

  1. Be Sure Your Family Has Accepted Her

Your woman will always ask you if truly you love her when she is scared your family members do not like her. This is why you need to be sure that every member of your family likes the woman you are introducing to them. If they like her and she feels unsafe, you can help her put her mind at peace by assuring her that the whole family have accepted her.

  1. Don’t Hide Her

Are you the type who hides your woman from the world? Are you into a relationship, whereby only the two of you are aware you are in the relationship? It should not be strange when this woman asks you often if you truly love her because if you do, you would not be scared to introduce her to the world. When you make it public, it makes her feel loved and her hope is raised that you will not wake up one morning and change your language. This is very important in every relationship.

  1. Don’t Give Her a Reason to Get Jealous or Suspicious

You might have these female friends you’re close to even before you two met. Now that you have a girlfriend/fiancée you cannot continue to act like you used to. This is not to say you should give them space but you need to know you now have a boundary. You don’t go out with your girlfriend/fiancée playing around like a freeman with other girls. As far as she is with you, there are some things you cannot do. Even when she is not present, much is expected from you.

  1. Gain Her Trust

This is very important! She might have something she needs to tell you but because she is not sure of how you would react, she prefers to keep asking you if you truly love her. To her, all she needs at the moment is your love. But to love, there should be trust. There are some secrets she knows you would find out soon or she needs to tell you but because she is not sure of how you would react, she decides to keep it to herself. Until you let her feel free to tell you anything, you might never know some things you ought to know until you are married.

But if she has said it all now, the issue is left to you to deal with. In the same manner, be free to let her know everything she deserves to know.

  1. Talk Beyond Courtship

Would you blame the lady for asking you if you truly love her when you have never said anything concerning marriage? When all you do is talk about your present and avoiding talks about the future, then such a lady would keep asking you if you truly love her and when it gets to a point, she may finally walk away. This is only normal and nobody will rebuke her for taking such a step. Instead, they will blame her for wasting her time in the relationship. So, if you know you are serious about the two of you, you need to start making references to the future (marriage).

  1. Spend on Her

Would you say you love your body and fail to spend on it? It is just the same when it comes to your girlfriend/fiancée. You must not wait until she has come to you to request before you buy her gifts. There are some lady that would never ask you for anything, either because they can afford it all or because they do not know how to ask. It is your duty to buy her gifts, she would not reject them. But it is a sign that you truly love her.

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