There are several reasons why people feel less of themselves or loose self-confidence. It could be as a result of anxiety, loneliness, trauma, under/excessive body weight, depression, stressful life events and so on. These are understandable reasons, however, they shouldn’t limit you from fulfilling your dreams or fully utilizing your potentials.

Follow closely, I’ll share with you some secrets about working out and how it can help boost your self-confidence.

Workouts or having a regular exercise routine has proven to be helpful in several ways, which includes; reduction of health risks, controlling body weight, building muscles and maintaining strong bones, increasing energy level, helping with better sleep just to mention but a few.

It has been discovered that workout helps boost self-confidence also. I’ll tell you how.

How workout helps boost self-confidence;

  • It helps you develop emotional stamina: after a workout, you’ll feel better both physically and mentally, your energy level will be increased to achieve set goals, you will be able to carry out tasks with a positive attitude, all of these will make you happy and in turn boost your confidence to face challenges.
  • It helps reduce stress: As earlier mentioned, stress could make you loose self-confidence. Studies have shown that workout helps reduce the level of stress hormone (cortisol). It enhances stimulation and calm which helps get rid of depression, anxiety and stress. You’re more likely to engage in creative thoughts rather than worries when you exercise or workout regularly.
  • It gives you a better body image: body image is a thing of concern to many people and many have lost self-confidence owing to this factor. However, with a consistent workout routine, you can have a better body image and do all you want to do more confidently.
  • It reveals your strength and makes you stronger: with a continuous workout, you will discover how far your body can go in achieving goals, this is because workouts reveal what you’re capable of doing when you put in efforts towards it. This would make you have a sense of success, your body will grow stronger too, enabling you to do more and your self-confidence will increase because you will know evidently that you can do anything as far as you’re determined to do it.
  • It helps reduce or get rid of the problem of social withdrawal: Social withdrawal is one of the problems associated with low self-confidence or self-esteem, usually you prefer to stay on your own, you’re not interested in meeting new people ETC, and you might just be robbing yourself of some good deals, but the good news is… you can overcome this by joining a workout group, this would make you meet with new people, interact and make new friends whom you would work together with in achieving common goals. Remember there is strength in numbers.
  • Most importantly, this would make you realize you’re not as bad as you thought and your self-confidence will be boosted at the long run.

In case you have not been dedicated to your workout routine, it is not too late to do so. As you have seen from the points mentioned above, working out would go a long way boosting your self-confidence. Just set apart a time for it and keep to it.

Joining a workout group would help you stay motivated and inspired, add variety to your workout, help you stick to schedule and make you more accountable.


Ayano Praise, CEO and Admin of Naija Interest. He is into story writing, relationship talks, motivational/inspirational and lot more.

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