5 Ways To Make Your Employer Love and Respect You


It could be simple to make Your Employer love and respect you. It is not a new thing that some employers exhibit the bossy characteristics and this act sometimes irritate and make some employees leave their jobs. Some continue to live in the shadow of their anger and fear and this is why this topic seems very necessary; How to Make Your Employer Love and Respect You.

We will be discussing five things you can do to earn your employer’s love and respect, make you stand out in your place of work, and other useful things.

Five Ways to Make Your Employer Love and Respect You

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  1. Respect Your Employer

Are you an employee, then you must know how to respect the one who has given you the job. They say “respect begets respect”, this is a very valid statement. There’s no way you’d expect your employer to respect and love you when you don’t give him the respect he needs. When I say respect your boss, that’s to say you should respect him/her as a boss.

  1. Know Your Worth and Respect Yourself

It is one thing to know one’s worth and another thing to respect one’s worth. When you take up a job, it is believed that you’re in that position because you are an expert in that office. This is why you must keep learning. Don’t put aside self-development. Always look out for new things about the office and be ready to learn and unlearn.

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There is this boldness in you when you are sure you are doing your job perfectly well. You don’t need to voice it out because the result would tell. There is no employer who does not like to see his employee giving the job he/she has been given the very best. This is one thing that would make you stand out and make your employer love and respect you.

  1. Give Yourself a Standard

I’ve met many people who like to gain their employer’s favour by downgrading themselves. They make themselves what Nigerians call “charlie charlie or ” boy boy” to their superiors. These are the type of people employers send on errands that are not related to their jobs. However, when it comes to promotion, they are not even remembered. The employer prefers to promote someone who possesses self-esteem, because such people are needed to make the organization prosper. Respect your boss but not to the extreme.

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  1. Don’t Be Scared to Voice Out

Have you noticed something about the administration of the organization? Are you privileged to have gotten that chance to let the cat out of the bag? Don’t misuse that opportunity. However, don’t be arrogant. When you want to speak, do it with respect and total humility. Employers love and respect employees who are bold but also respectful.

  1. You Should be Smart

Employers love and respect employees who know what they are doing. They are grounded with ideas and at any point, they are quick to provide solutions yo organizational problems. Who wouldn’t love and respect a problem solver? This is related to the second point, know your job, be ready to introduce new things, let your uniqueness be obvious, be a role model to other workers.

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    It’s good to know one’s worth otherwise one may suffer from low self esteem which gradually exposes you to disrespect from your employer

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