4 Important Friends You Should Have


There are 4 important friends you must have if you must succeed. The beauty of keeping friends is not the material things you get to benefit from them but everything as a whole.

I’ve seen people say they cannot befriend somebody who they think do not belong to their class. But one thing they refuse to understand is that they may never need money from those who belong to their class since they are financially buoyant. That which they may later need in future may not be realizable from those they have kept as friends but those who are “below their standard”.

Below are the 4 important friends You Must Have

  1. The supportive friend

When I say supportive, it does not really mean financial support. A supportive friend may never have the money but anytime you take a step, he/she is right behind you to give you all the necessary support. You get your drive from this category of friends. They believe in your dreams and would see that it is realized. This is the first category of the four (4) important friends you must have.

  1. The Financial Friend

The financial friend is a friend who can help you financially when it comes to monetary things. This type of friend can help fund your business or assist you with funds. However, there are some friends who can help you but will refuse to help and these friends should not be counted as financial friends. This financial friends are also important and have their own role to play in your life. Meanwhile, you should not rely on the wealth of a friend but work hard to acquire your own. This is the second category of the 4 important friends you must have

  1. The Critique Friend

The critique friend is a friend who is bold and ready to face you, tell you that you are wrong whenever you take the wrong step or do anything wrong. This type of friend is very helpful and most times, we try to break away from them because humans naturally hate being told the truth.

But if you are the type who listens to this category of friends, it is impossible you will remain on the same level. They keep correcting and shaping you for your own good. Never do away with this category of friends. You need them to grow! This is the second category of the 4 important friends you must have

  1. The Motivational Friend

This friend tells you the reason why you need to take an important step. He/she is there to give you the confidence you need to start up something. A motivational friend makes you feel on top of the world and when he/she senses a drift from your angle, he/she cautions you.

Whenever you feel depressed or you are down, this friend is there to lift you up. He/she may not be available to perform the roles of a supportive friend and a financial friend. This category of friends is more than important if you’ll ever find a meaning to life.

These are just four out of many.

Your contributions and addition are welcome. The comment box is available and it is for your use. Let’s get your view.

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