Dating: 3 Unique Qualities to look out for in a lady

3 Unique Qualities to Look Out for in a Lady? There are many qualities to look out for in a lady, but here are the 3 basic qualities to look out for. Many go into relationships blinded by love. The truth is that the veil will fall. Don’t be in a hurry to tell that lady what you feel. Take your time to study her but don’t take too much time.

Here are the 3 Unique qualities to look out for in a lady:

  1. She Must Be Matured

Dating an immature lady is running an immature relationship. This is where most men make a mistake. They believe they would end up marrying a lady younger in age and tend to date younger ladies. Many of them, especially those in their early twenties prefer to date older teenagers.

One mistake we make is judging people’s maturity by age when in the real sense, few of these young people actually display maturity on a level that is least expected. This doesn’t change the fact that teenagers, whether the young ones or the older ones shouldn’t be considered when it comes to dating. They are still young, leave them to grow to a stage where you can be guaranteed that the decisions they make are not based on immaturity.

Many teenagers today run into relationships because the men have told them they love them. They think they have attained the age, whereby they can be approached and enjoy the companionship that younger and older youths enjoy. The truth is that they don’t understand a thing. At a later stage in their life, when they have realized their mistake(s), they make quick decisions that will not favor you.

Only a few are lucky when it comes to dating people who are young. But aside from the fact that they are young, it could be child abuse, depending on the lady’s age. If you think you truly like that ‘girl’, leave her to grow before pouring out your mind. This doesn’t end with ‘girls’ anyways.

There are some ladies out there who are old enough to dive into relationships but still need to grow. You don’t need to interview them to discern they lack maturity. Interacting with them is enough, they give you all you need to know. I wouldn’t want to go deep into this but I believe I’m well understood. When you notice immaturity in a lady, and you go ahead, you might end up running a ‘childish’ relationship.

Let me add to it that she must be able to make decisions on her own. Your relationship shouldn’t be run by a third party who tells her what and what not to do, when, and how to do it. A piece of advice in this case is different. Maturity is one of the 3 unique qualities to look out for in a lady.

  1. She Should Be Respectful

When I say respect, I don’t mean a lady who is dumb. Respect begets respect, they say. The saying is actually true. But in a situation where you respect her, but she is not reciprocating, my guy, you are in for it.

You would know a lady with respect when you see one. It is not written on the forehead but you can always find that in her character. The way she talks, the way she comports herself, are some ways to know if such a lady lacks the respect of not. Some call it home training.

Moving up the ladder, a lady you date must have the ability to respect your family members. Again, not that she should be playing the servant role but she must be able to take your family as her own, love, and respect them as she would to her own. Respect is one of the 3 unique qualities to look out for in a lady.

  1. She Should Be the Listening Type

Does that Lady you desire so much have listening ears? Do people want to speak and she is ready to hear them out? Or does she only believe in whatever she has in her head and would not want to hear anything that differs from that?

You must be very careful not to go for the wrong lady. Love is ultimate but not enough. Many broken relationships are broken because either or both parties involved lack the discipline to listen. Many others that survive into marriage are amazingly beautiful because both are ready to listen to each other.

One major factor responsible for breakups is misunderstanding. Not that something wrong has really happened, but because one or both of the parties have refused to listen to what might be the truth. A relationship that would last must be predicated on trust. Someone who has a trust issue might not be able to manage a relationship well.

Just as these qualities are important in ladies, they are also important in men. Find the right lady, but don’t forget to find ‘you’ first. Do you need to make amends too? Do so before courting that lady. The ability to listen is one of the 3 unique qualities to look out for in a lady.

Here, I draw the curtain to the 3 unique qualities you should look out for in a lady.

Good luck with your relationship!


Ayano Praise, CEO and Admin of Naija Interest. He is into story writing, relationship talks, motivational/inspirational and lot more.

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