10 Causes, Preventions, And Treatments Of Toothache

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10 causes, prevention and, treatment of Toothache

“Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond”.Miguel de Cervantes

‘I’m in pain’
‘My tooth hurts’

I hear these all the time and I have also experienced it before but might not be as excruciating as yours. Maybe.
I have friends and even relatives who had to remove one or two teeth.
I’ve seen them groan and wince in pain from their teeth. 😢😢

90% of a population in a year, always experience toothaches. I guess it’s because we neglect the basics and essentials techniques of good Oral hygiene. Or because we pay little or no attention to the care of our teeth.

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Today, I’ll share with you 10 causes of Toothaches, the treatments, and preventions of Toothache.
**But what is Toothache?**

Ache means Pain. Therefore, Toothache means Tooth Pain.
It’s the pain you feel in or around your tooth. And this pain is a pointer that something is wrong with either the gum or the tooth.

A toothache may be a throbbing pain or a sharp pain. You might feel a burning sensation in the tooth. The gum might be red, swollen, or inflamed. You might have a fever and headache too. There might be difficulty in chewing and swallowing. All these are symptoms of a toothache.

Here are 10 causes of Toothache;

1. ***Cavity or Tooth Decay**: this is the most common cause of Toothache. Cavity means you have a hole in your tooth which is caused by decay. The decay eats the hard outer surface of your tooth. Decay can be caused by food particles trapped in between the teeth. It can also be caused by Sugary foods and lack of proper care of the teeth.

2. ***The Growth of Wisdom Tooth**;
Probably you are seeing this for the first time. Yes, there is something called Wisdom tooth. It is the last set of teeth (molars) that grows at the age of 20-23 years.  *I’m a witness.*
So many people might not notice the growth of the Wisdom tooth but it can be quite painful for some people. The cause of the Pain differs too. It might be as a result of sugary substance in the tooth, or the tooth is emerging from the gum in an awkward position or there is no enough space.

3. ***Grinding of the Teeth**; Many who grind their teeth, do it at night but they don’t realize it until they wake up with pains.

4. ***When you Clench your Teeth or Jaw**;
  Doing this causes a lot of pain to the Teeth. Many do this when they are stressed or angry.
You can replace doing this with other things like drinking water, breathing in and out.

5. ***Receding Gums;** Some teeth are sensitive and delicate. This makes their gums wear off easily especially when exposing to a dangerous substance, a change of toothpaste, and improper brushing techniques.

6. ***Infected Gums;** It is also known as Gingivitis. The gums are red, swollen, and inflamed. Prompt care and treatment of this can lead to complications.

7.  ***When the Tooth is hit;**
   When there is an injury to the teeth. This can be an accident or occurs during games and sports.

8.  ***Too many exercises**;
It has been discovered that involvement in exercises for a long period of time can cause toothache. During exercise, the mouth tends to get dry and permits the invasion of microbes.

9. ***Poor Oral hygiene and Improper care of the Tooth Brush**

10. ***Underlying Diseases like Heart and Lungs Disease.**


1. **The choice of Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste**: Pay close attention to the choice of your Tooth Brush and Toothpaste. Preferable go for soft brush rather than the smokers’ brush.
(Oral B brush and Oral B toothpaste or Sensodyne toothpaste is the best I can recommend).

2. **Take good care of your toothbrush:** Ensure you use a toothbrush cover for your brush. Don’t keep your brush where wall geckos, crock coaches, and insects can easily perch on it.

3. **Ensure you change your toothbrush every 3 months.**

4. **Eat a balanced diet.**

5. **Brush your teeth at least twice daily.**

6. **Drink enough fluids or water. Avoid having a dry mouth.**

7. **You can also make use of mouth wash.**

8. **When in pain, you can use over the counter drugs like Aspirin (don’t use if you have Ulcer or consult a pharmacist), or Paracetamol.**

9. **Brush your teeth gently.**

10. **Visit a dentist for regular checkups.**

If all these don’t work, please see a Doctor or a Dentist.

I hope you got value.

It was my pleasure to share this with you.
I will greatly appreciate your feedback.

I remain yours truly,
Lola (Your online Nurse). 😀😀😁😁🤗🤗

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